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Do You Make Your Spouse's Dreams Come True?

Marriage is about far more than driving kids to soccer practice or figuring out how to pay the bills.

Yes/No: We push each other toward making our dreams come true.

Why Does This Issue Matter?

For too many people, marriage becomes a boring existence simply focused on the day-to-day. It is meant to be so much more. Ultimately, we have the ability to create the lives we want. Marriage is meant to assure we always have someone in our corner who is cheering us on. Without this focus, marriage is boring; with it, marriage is invigorating.

What If You Said Yes?

Give thanks and get to work. Obviously, there are always daily routines, schedules, and issues. Deal with them. But do not get so engrossed with day-to-day issues that you miss the opportunity to think about bucket lists, dreams, and the future you want to build. At times, one will have to sacrifice for the other. That's fine. But make sure that the whole marriage isn't one person always sacrificing for the other. Give and receive. And you will likely find that making your spouse's dreams come true is more fun than even your own hopes being realized.

What If You Said No?

You can't focus on the big picture when the small issues are still in the way. For many couples, they struggle respecting each other with day-to-day issues so they have no chance to ever turn their attention to the future. Grow yoru trust and respect and you can begin to make each other's dreams come true. When you are deeply attached with one another, you become the cheerleader for the other. If you aren't working to make your spouse's dreams come true, it shows a lack of attachment. Until you can fully believe in them, you can't push them forward.

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