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How Do You Know Your Marriage Is Headed In The Right Direction?

Direction reveals our future destination. Always pay attention to where you are headed.

Yes/No: I'm convinced our marriage is headed in the right direction.

Why Does This Issue Matter?

Andy Stanely says, "Direction, not intention, determines destination." Most couples intend to be happy, but not everyone is headed toward a future of health and flourishing. Sometimes the simplest of statements reveal to us the most important information. No matter where you are if you are headed in the right direction, you have great hope. Yet, no matter how successful you have been, if you are headed in the wrong direction something needs to change or the outcome will be disastrous.

What If You Said Yes?

Feel the hope. Consider how many people can affirm this statement as you can. Knowing you are headed the right way doesn't fix everything, but it can give you hope that whatever challenge you both may face, you will be able to tackle it together. Take advantage of the direction you are headed and wed it to intention and action. This will ensure that you will continue to head the right way while also reaping the benefits of your shared partnership.

What If You Said No?

No is not the end of the relationship. It's a red flag, but even red flags can be good if they shake us to action. The marriages in danger aren't those headed in the wrong direction, it's those headed in the wrong direction who refuse to do anything about it. If either spouse believes the marriage is going the wrong way, it's time to do something. Call a counselor, attend a marriage retreat, read a book, reach out to a couple who is a step further down the road than you. Whatever it takes, do something. It's a gift to recognize when things are wrong. Use that gift, makes changes, and begin to move forward.

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