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How Can You Have More Fun With Your Spouse?

Fun should characterize every marriage. It's not the only thing we do, but it is a key element of who we are. We have fun together.

Yes/No: We regularly have fun together.

Why Does This Issue Matter?

Fun matters. It's not the only thing that defines a good relationship, but if fun is missing that's a problem. Life is hard. We need moments to escape the seriousness and marriage is a key place to have those moments. If your relationship isn't fun, you are probably doing it wrong.

What If You Said Yes?

Keep having fun and help others to do the same. Too many couples stop having fun the older they get. Their humor stalls. Their intention wanes. And their marriage becomes solely about the serious stuff--dealing with kids, jobs, etc. Since you have figured this out, help others have fun. Continue to enjoy one another through every season of life and determine for as long as you have breath, you will seek to have fun with each other.

What If You Said No?

What happened? Did you use to have fun? Chance are the answer is yes. So why did it stop? Generally, it stops for one of two reasons: 1. Lack of intention. Too often we allow life to erode our fun nature away. Don't let it. Intentionally schedule time to enjoy each other. Go on a vacation. Plan a date. Find ways to have fun. 2. Lack of trust. It's an interesting element, we can't have fun when we don't trust each other. Trust allows us to put our guard down and joke around. When trust is absent so is fun. If your relationship lacks enjoyment, build your trust.

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