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How Fully Can You Trust Your Spouse?

Trust is the foundation of friendship. Without it, we are stuck

Yes/No: We fully trust each other.

Why Does This Issue Matter?

When trust is absent, a relationship stops moving. As long as we trust one another, we can work together in confronting issues, taking advantage of opportunities, and living life. Yet when trust is absent, we spend so much time keeping our eye on one another that we cannot move forward. The presence (or absence) of trust, reveals itself in a vast array of issues in marriage.

What If You Said Yes?

Trust is never stagnant. Just because it's present today doesn't ensure it will be there tomorrow. Continue to live in a trustworthy way. Have strong boundaries, quickly deal with mistakes, and properly confess and change when behavior is wrong. Then bask in the trust you have developed. Allow that trust to empower you to enjoy one another with a deep sense of gratitude.

What If You Said No?

If you quickly said no, you know why. A quick answer to this question often reveals either a violent explosion of trust (an affair, addiction or abuse) or a long-suffering erosion of trust (it's been so long since you trusted each other you may not be able to remember it). But for most who say no, the answer comes slowly, often after a pause. For many, the issue with this statement is the word "fully." We might trust our spouse to take care of the money or raise the kids or in a variety of ways, but there are some issues in which we can't trust them. That lack of trust is a problem that hinders our relationship from moving forward. It's something that cannot be ignored.

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